Wednesday, September 8, 2010

name contest

I need a name for the things I make. I use old bike tubes that are going to be thrown away....I turn them into cool jar covers. Many people drink out of jars and it is so much more convenient to have a jar with a strap or a mug handle on it! The material also offers a little cushion so the glass doesnt break.
In the picture you can see Jay has attached his 'mug style' jar holder to his belt.
Help me name these very cool jar holders!
If I choose a name you suggest, you win a custom jar holder!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My new project

Although I have not written about my jar in a long time, I am still obsessed. I still use my jar everyday for my drinks. I use jars even more than ever.
It's still cool that lots of people use jars up here.
So many people use jars for drinks, there is actually a market for jar holders. My friends and fellow RRAT members make jar packers-which I will have to highlight in another time-
Stemming from their idea, I started making these jar holders. They are very cool. I get alot of comments. I am still making prototypes, but i have a few pre-orders.
Any ideas on cool names?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

april jar shot

This is the latest jar shot I have taken. I dont specifically take pictures of my jar for the blog anymore, but I know I have some saved from the last year or so. I will start a blast from the past series. Here Ama and I caught a tadpole and an egg from the pond. We didnt keep it long. I would have liked to watch the transformation more. Last week we did catch a little frog and put it in a jar... but no photos of that :(

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The perfect gift...

What do you get for that jar loving person when the holidays roll around? That person who sends out special requests to 'not buy gifts' for them? The person who will not buy a coffee drink if they forget their jar at home that day, because they refuse to waste?

Yes, I am a little controlling when it comes to presents. I have seen way too much stuff bought, way too much money wasted, and way too much frantic non heartfelt shopping. I do love to get those little gifts that really show that people care and know me and love me.

For my birthday I got a new lid for my jar. I have been needing a replacement for my plastic 1 piece jar lid for a few months. - you know how the mason jars come with the 2 piece metal lid system- I love my new jar lid.

For Solstice I got something I have never seen before... a glass straw! in its own little case and everything.

The only problem is, I cant effectively use the new straw with my plastic lid. I have a few options though. I could drill a bigger hole into the metal lid so the new straw would fit. Before I knew about the 1 piece lid, I had a little straw hole for plastic/disposable straws. I'd rather not drill into my special lid. I could save my special straw for at home drinking when Im not using a lid. I could start an experiment with the adventures of my glass straw....

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

here she is again

...catching caterpillars and putting them in jars. This one escaped before we saw it transform. We found a cocoon on a basil leaf a while back. We put that one in a jar and a few days later we had a little brown moth! That time we put a lid on the jar and poked holes through it. For this fuzzy brown and black caterpillar, we didnt put a lid on for some reason. We werent too sure about what to do with one that wasnt already in a chrysalis state.

Friday, October 31, 2008

mocha mom

I realized that I have mentioned mochas a number of times throughout this blogs history... but I never mentioned that I AM a mom as well. Here is my Ama. She was delighted to be offered her very own jar the other day. It is a cute little ball jar with flowers and the word 'aloha' on the side of it. She drank water out of it that day, but now it is storing her fairy dust.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

what's in your jar?

Have I mentioned (100 times) how much I love living in oregon? I love living in this place where it is fully acceptable to be drinking out of jars. It's almost a requirement even. Imagine my excitement when I see a friend walk in drinking out of a garlic jar. Yes, I had to run and get my camera! My other friend was using a kombucha bottle, and I had a wine bottle... but we were all drinking the same thing. hmmmm.